Gürsoy Group

Gürsoy Group is a group of companies that aims for respect to the values underlying its existence, responsibility for the trusts it has inherited, and innovativeness foreseen for the needs of the present day.


Telefun has been operating as an independent sales agent in the advertisement sector since 2007. By dint of the media it has taken the marketing rights over, as an exclusive agent, it continues to be a contender in the sector. Aiming to provide the highest benefit to its business partners, Telefun works towards this end with its specialized team.

Telefun has been operating in the publishing sector since April 2015 with SunTimes, the in-flight magazine of SunExpress and has also undertaken the publishing, content production and advertisement sales operations of OnAir, the in-flight magazine of Onur Air since July 2017.  

It executes the editing and advertisement, sales, marketing processes of prestige books annually published by TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly) like “Turkey’s Top 500 Greatest Service Exporters” and “Turkey’s Top 1000 Exporters”. Along with that, it also serves as the corporate agency of Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK).