Gürsoy Group

Gürsoy Group is a group of companies that aims for respect to the values underlying its existence, responsibility for the trusts it has inherited, and innovativeness foreseen for the needs of the present day.

Güryapı Taahhüt

Güryapı Taahhüt has been representing Gursoy Group for over 20 years in Turkey and international markets with its people-oriented approach and is keeping its place among the leader companies of the construction sector.

Güryapı Taahhüt who interprets knowledge and human resources for the purpose of service to public and the country and to raise quality of life has become expert on construction, restoration and substructure. Guryapı realizing especially major projects shaping the future in the construction field, has built confidence and satisfaction by fulfilling all of its commitments.               

Güryapı Taahhüt has accomplished precisely the collective housings, themed residential projects, shopping and business centers, entertainment park projects, museums, hotels and cultural structures. By the experiences gained with these successes, Güryapı Taahhüt is an innovative and visionary association who is capable of carrying out these projects simultaneously.  

Güryapı Taahhüt who builds the future by joining its expertise with modern and technological solutions, aims its mission of also protecting the history further.

Istanbul which Gursoy Group serves with a different excitement and enthusiasm is becoming the city that Güryapı Taahhüt signs remarkable projects of restoration as well as construction and infrastructure. With its substructure projects where daily life’s heart beats, supporting social development and allowing economic growth, Güryapı has signed major urban works and will continue. Reconstituting, planning and realizing this major metropolitan of Turkey’s spirit, culture, history and aesthetics with new living areas, plan and implement represents an important point of reference for Güryapı while building international projects.